"Your counseling has helped me see a way with Jesus Christ. This has helped me in a variety of complex situations where I now have found healing and reform as a new man in Christ. I really appreciate your professional support and guidance and the tremendous difference it has made in my life."       - J.T. from Miam


"These were times when purposefully, without apology, we talked about sin  in me. That sounds dangerous and hurtful, and daunting,  but it really wasn't. I was lovingly and carefully confronted  with a very hard truth. It hurt, but not because of how it was said, it hurt because it was true. Fortunately, I was at a church where Jesus' love for me was proclaimed often and richly. Between Christ Family Church and these times of mentoring, I experienced a growing desire  to enjoy God's love in Christ for me as the way to love others."          - R.H. from Miami


"I had undergone various relapses into deep depression with suicidal thoughts despite having been regularly seeing a mental health counselor for two and a half years. My first session at Christ Family Care & Counseling, I noticed something different. There was a sensitivity to the Spirit. To this day CFC&C is one of the few people who understand the depth of my mental health issues as well as oppression that was revealed first through our times of counseling together. I have since been delivered from generational oppression that had marked me as a child. This is a testimony of what I have witnessed God do through CFC&C. I hope that if there are others who like me have suffered and continue to suffer agony, please know that there is hope. "    - J.M. from Miami


"Heart To Heart Seminar was amazing in showing me my own areas of weakness and the tools God uses so that we can change through the Holy Spirit and help others change."   -  I.M from Miami Lakes